Mission M74 loudspeaker

You could argue that Mission has done wonders for the hi-fi industry. Undoubtedly it has consistently contributed to the budget speaker pool, and who knows how many music lovers have got into hi-fi courtesy of the Huntingdon manufacturer. Mission has enjoyed a good degree of success with the new M70 range aimed at both hi-fi and multichannel markets: certainly the M72 and M73s tested here at Choice have won praise. Now comes the turn of the largest model, the M74, which is a beefy two-way design sporting twin 160mm glass composite drivers which surround a 25mm fabric soft dome tweeter.


The M74s have the distinctive ABS moulded baffle characteristic of the range, and this certainly looks better from a distance. Overall build quality is excellent, the woodprint vinyl is of a good standard, and the drivers look good enough to command a higher price than the modest 300 tag. The 40.5 litre MDF cabinets sport a considerable rear port, suggesting that near wall placement is not an option.


What's most striking about these speakers is the transparency and level of detail available for such a low price. Like others in the range, the M74s share a wonderful musicality and captivating rhythmic ability. What's surprising about them, however, is the forward balance. Treble can be lively at times and the presentation is undoubtedly lean in the midrange. Bass extension is good however, and it's very well integrated, but despite the significant balance criticisms, you can't help but enjoy this speaker for its wonderful resolution and sense of timing. It would be unforgivable not to audition this speaker if you have 300 to spend, but its balance may not be to all tastes.